IFD-Series Trainer for iPad

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Up to 4-Year Limited Warranty

Fly A Mission Virtually – From The Palm Of Your Hand

Are you wondering if an Avidyne IFD is right for you and your flight deck? Or would you like to better familiarize yourself with all the capabilities of a particular Avidyne IFD?

The IFD Trainer for iPad is like having your flightdeck’s IFD in the palm of your hands! You can fly a mission and learn the simplicity of the interface hands-on. Plus you’ll better understand the technology behind the touchscreen with knobs and buttons, compare Avidyne’s IFDs against other products and more.

Avidyne’s IFD Trainer for iPad is your best resource for choosing the Avidyne IFD that’s right for you OR for pilots who recently purchased an IFD and want to master their unit.


· Displays and performs all the functions of any Avidyne IFD

· Provides virtual flights where you can edit your flight plan, monitor your map for ADS-B weather & traffic.

· Displays the full exterior of each Avidyne IFD so you can learn the simplicity of each IFDs interface

· Control your virtual IFD using the touchscreen and knobs and buttons.

· The best way to compare against other products is by virtually “flying” the IFD you are considering.