Aeronautical Database Declarations

Avidyne supplies several aeronautical databases for use with its avionics systems. Avidyne is responsible for defining the data format and quality requirements for databases that are used by its equipment. To ensure the highest quality data for our customers and to ensure that Avidyne equipment correctly performs its intended functions, those format and quality requirements are imposed whether the data is produced directly by Avidyne or by third party suppliers.

Avidyne uses RTCA DO-200B compliant processes to produce data for use within its products. When applicable, Avidyne has received a Type 2 Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from the FAA, acknowledging that Avidyne’s aeronautical data process meets the objectives of AC 20-153() and confirming compliance with DO-200B.

Navigation Database

Obstacle Database

Charts Database

Avidyne’s use of Jeppesen Pre-Composed charts is covered by Jeppesen, documented as follows on the Jeppesen website:

Terrain Database