​​Vantage™ Flight Display Systems Solutions

When it’s time to upgrade your flight panel, look no further than Avidyne’s Vantage™ for an affordable, fully featured PFD/MFD system that’s engineered to install quickly and provide you with all the features and convenience you deserve.

Dual 12" Displays That Redefine Ease-Of-Use

In forward-fit and retrofit applications nothing matched Avidyne’s new Vantage™ Flight Display System.

Vantage is the most innovative option for GA pilots seeking to update their flight decks boasting huge, dual 12-inch XGA displays that include 3D Synthetic Vision, a hybrid touch user interface, dual-AHRS MFD reversion, and much more. Pilots will love the uncluttered interface, beautiful design, and powerful capabilities that dramatically enhance situational awareness and make your flying safer and more enjoyable.

Vantage displays provide significant display size, brightness, and processor performance improvements yet retain the ease of use that is synonymous with all Avidyne avionics.

Avidyne Vantage is The Intelligent Avionics Suite

Top Features

Vantage is the only 12” XGA display, touchscreen display that is a direct retrofit upgrade for Entegra-equipped aircraft.

Vantage includes Avidyne’s unique hybrid touch interface providing a tight, seamless integration with other Avidyne products.

3D Synthetic Vision delivers a crystal-clear, VFR view of your surroundings displaying terrain, obstacles, traffic, and more all overlaid for complete situational awareness no matter what the weather is outside.

Vantage’s powerful, uncluttered interface dramatically enhances situational awareness making your flights more enjoyable, and safer.

Two brilliant, easy-to-read 12” flight displays are 40% larger than legacy Entegra displays with 64% more pixels for extraordinary clarity.

Vantage flight decks include seamless integration to Avidyne’s IFD 100 iPad app and wireless transfer of flight plans with ForeFlight® and support other platforms including FlyQ® and SkyDemon™.

Vantage avionics suites include dual AHRS and split-screen MFD capabilities providing a failsafe architecture that keeps critical safety functions available when you need them most.

To provide trouble-free, straightforward Installation, Vantage reuses existing aircraft wiring and is compatible with all Cirrus engine instrument configurations eliminating costly enablement fees to unlock premium features.

Featured Products

Vantage includes 3D Synthetic Vision and provides a VFR-like display of nearby terrain, traffic, obstacles, airports, and even a flight plan overlay.

Combined with Avidyne’s hybrid touch user interface, pilots can control the system with the touch screen or with dedicated knobs and buttons.

Simply put, Vantage will completely transform your flying experience making it better, safer and more enjoyable in every way.

Avidyne is a great technology company with leading edge avionics. If you are serious about TAA and flying, Avidyne is the right technical solution for you.


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