Welcome to the Avidyne family! Registering your product can be done quickly and easily in just a few steps. Please contact if you have any questions about a new or existing warranty.

To register your product, you will need your product serial number – please follow the steps below under WARRANTY REGISTRATION to begin.


Note: To get out of Configuration Mode and back to Flight Mode press and hold the top left knob for 20-30 seconds to turn the IFD off and then press that knob again to turn it back on. Your IFD should now be in Flight Mode.

Warranty Registration

On the Avidyne IFD you will find your Serial number by putting your IFD into Configuration Mode (Maintenance Mode)

1) In order to put your IFD in Configuration Mode, you will need to go to the AUX page and the SYS tab.

2) Once you are on that page make sure the status in the bottom left corner is “Software”. Then press Download Logs.

3) After pressing the “Download Logs” press “Confirm”. This will restart your IFD and when the unit powers back on it will be in “Configuration Mode” and on the Logs tab.

4) Select the status tab and Turn the bottom right inner knob clockwise 2 screens. You should now be on the Hardware page with the needed information.


All products manufactured by Avidyne are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of twenty-four (24) months from delivery. This includes 1-year warranty plus additional year once customer registers their product on (see above).

If you are registering an IFD you will also be prompted to sign up for our extended warranty program, The AeroPlan. Signing the Aeroplan will give you 2 additional years of warranty for a total of four years of warranty for FREE.

Avidyne’s Entegra, Release 9, and IFD440/IFD540 products include the option of an additional 24 months of warranty when the customer signs up and agrees to the Terms & Conditions and Indemnification Agreement with AeroPlan registration.

If our Product fails to perform during the warranty period, then we will, at our sole discretion, either repair or replace the Product or provide a refund of the purchase price of the Product. The warranty is made upon several express conditions such as but without limitation:

  • that we are given prompt notice of the claimed Product non-conformity;
  • the Product is returned to us via an Avidyne Distributor;
  • the Product has not been altered, except with our written consent;
  • the Product has not been repaired by anyone, except Avidyne or one of our Distributors;
  • the Product has been properly installed, maintained and operated;
  • the Product has not been damaged due to tampering, lightning or other electrical source, or other non-Avidyne related causes.

Avidyne’s warranty does not provide coverage for damaged display glass or bezel due to normal wear or misuse and is subject to flat-rate repair fees when needed.

Please see your original Product warranty for the complete details regarding the nature and extent of our standard warranty and Avidyne remedies.

Avidyne’s standard warranty represents its sole responsibility for its Product and in no event will Avidyne be responsible or liable for any other direct, indirect, consequential, special or other damage claim – all as more specifically stated in the original Product warranty.

Avidyne’s warranty does not provide coverage for hardware or software upgrades.

Avidyne’s warranty does not cover shipping, customs, or duty fees for international customers.


Avidyne’s AeroPlan Warranty coverage just got better! We understand warranty coverage can be confusing especially when there are multiple options to choose from. To better serve our customers, we eliminated the complexity of most avionic warranty plans and created one simple, low-cost plan to cover all Avidyne equipment installed in your aircraft with the best support and warranty coverage in the industry. If you consider the cost of keeping your Avidyne equipment under warranty versus paying for out-of-warranty equipment repairs, the AeroPlan is an easy choice.


  • All Avidyne products are covered under the AeroPlan
  • Receive automated renewal notice when your warranty expiration date is near
  • Reduced pricing on eligible Avidyne equipment


The AeroPlan wasn’t created for just ease of convenience, but to save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in out-of-warranty repair expenses. To help determine your savings, we developed the AeroPlan Warranty Calculator. The Warranty Calculator is a simple to use tool that provides a cost comparison between warranty and out-of-warranty repairs for each Avidyne product you have installed in your aircraft.


EX5000 MFD Out-of Warranty Repair = $10,938.00 avg cost

EX5000 MFD with the AeroPlan Warranty = $1,200.00, new 1-year warranty plan (includes buy-in fee)

YOU SAVE: $9,738.00