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Dependability, safety and ease-of-use are essential helicopter flight requirements and in times of turbulence, instability or inclement weather, touchscreens can be cumbersome and difficult to manage. For a helicopter pilot, that matters and is why all Avidyne Navigators are robustly designed for maximum performance and simplicity.

To download the Approved Model list for Part 27 aircraft click here. Multiple other installs completed with field approvals.

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Helicopter Owners and Operators

Avidyne’s IFD Series is engineered to make your flying economical, simpler and safer.
The IFD Series keeps you flying, reducing expenses with chassis designs that allow direct, slide-in replacement of old GNS units, are easy to install, and upgrade with a plug-n-play interoperability. Avidyne IFDs make your flight time easier with brilliant, easy-to-use touchscreens and, in times of turbulence, include the ability to control every function of their IFD series with knobs and buttons instead of the touchscreen.

Looking out the windscreen is great but what if you could see… more? The IFD series includes Avidyne’s Synthetic Vision – a 3D display of your flight path, nearby traffic and terrain. The integrated Terrain and Obstacle Alerting provides visual and audible safety and situational awareness, plus utilizes Avidyne’s TAS-A Traffic Advisory Systems (TAS) for both visual and audible alerts of a potential traffic conflict.

Avidyne Helios™

Avidyne Helios™ is an SBAS flight management system designed to withstand the demands of helicopter flight. A multifunction flight management system, Helios™ combines GPS and MFD capabilities in a single unit with VHF NAV/COM.
Avidyne Helios™ includes a multi-function touchscreen with knobs and buttons, QWERTY keyboard, SBAS/GPS navigation, full Required Navigation Performance (RNP) and Area Navigation (RNAV) capability, Localizer Performance with Vertical (LPV), Lateral Navigation/Vertical Navigation (LNAV/VNAV), LNAV-Only, and Approach Procedures with Vertical (APV) approach modes, a full-color moving map and more.


Traffic Advisory Systems (TAS) with ADS-B or Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast, is a system where aircraft broadcast their GPS position along with other information like heading, ground track, ground speed, altitude. Avidyne IFD series receive this information from other nearby aircraft and that information is displayed on the IFD multi-function display (MFD).
ADS-B information improves flight safety by making you aware of aircraft that could pose a threat before they are noticed visually with improved situational awareness and traffic avoidance.

IFD Series Trainer

You wouldn’t buy an aircraft before a test flight would you? That’s just one of the reasons Avidyne created the IFD Trainer.*

Now you can virtually “take a flight”, introduce yourself to the interface, and experience all the technology Avidyne built into the IFD series. Experience the Hybrid touchscreen and the knobs and buttons.

*Only available for iPad


Avidyne Helios is a new multifunction SBAS flight management system designed for the rigorous demands of corporate, military and special mission helicopters. It sets a new standard for integration in rotorcraft navigation systems. Avidyne Helios FMS provides full Required Navigation Performance (RNP) and Area Navigation (RNAV) capability, including Localizer Performance with Vertical (LPV), Lateral Navigation/Vertical Navigation (LNAV/VNAV), LNAV-Only, and Approach Procedures with Vertical (APV) approach modes.

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