Avidyne Receives Certification of SkyTrax600 Series Traffic Advisory Systems with ADS-B In

Avidyne’s SkyTrax 600 Series TAS systems combine the safety benefits of active-surveillance traffic detection and alerting with the increased precision and accuracy of ADS-B IN

Melbourne, FL – Monday, October 15, 2018 – 

Avidyne Corporation, a leading provider of integrated avionics and safety systems for general aviation aircraft, today announced that they have received FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO) C147 approval and a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC)  for their SkyTrax 600 Series Active-Surveillance Traffic Advisory Systems (TAS) with ADS-B IN.

With the addition of ADS-B IN, the TAS600 Series is being rebranded as the SkyTrax600 series, extending Avidyne’s line of SkyTrax ADS-B products.

Avidyne’s SkyTrax600 Series includes the SkyTrax 600, the SkyTrax 605, the SkyTrax 615 and the SkyTrax 620.  Each of these active-surveillance TAS/ADS-B systems correlates all the traffic information—derived from the active interrogation of nearby transponder-equipped aircraft, along with the direct reception of 1090MHz position reports from participating ADS-B aircraft, plus the data received from ground-based re-broadcast (ADS-R and TIS-B) targets—to present pilots with the most accurate depiction of potentially conflicting aircraft.

“SkyTrax600 systems seamlessly correlate and accurately present to the pilot all of the active and ADS-B traffic information received, providing even more precise level of situational awareness and safety,” said Avidyne CEO, Dan Schwinn.  “TAS and ADS-B are important components in our product portfolio as we continue to grow our SkyTrax line.”

Pricing and Availability

The SkyTrax600 ($9,999) has a 7nm ADS-B range and is recommended for light general aviation aircraft.

The SkyTrax605 ($11,099) has 21nm ADS-B range and is recommended for mid-performance aircraft and helicopters.

The SkyTrax615 ($14,999) has 30nm ADS-B range and is recommended for high-performance aircraft and helicopters.

The top-of the line SkyTrax620 has 40nm ADS-B range and is priced at $20,999.  Pricing includes install kits and dual antennas.

New SkyTrax systems and SkyTrax upgrades for existing TAS600/9900BX TAS units are available now.

Avidyne has sold well over 15,000 TAS systems, and all of their existing TAS600 Series and 9900BX customers can upgrade their TAS systems to SkyTrax600 capabilities starting at $5,000 MSRP.  SkyTrax upgrade time and cost will vary based on the hardware vintage and configuration of the existing TAS system.

Contact Avidyne or any Authorized Avidyne Dealer for more details and to schedule your upgrade. Pricing does not include installation or other upgrade labor costs.

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