Avidyne Announces R10.2.3.1 Certification for IFD


New R10.2.3.1 software adds new features and expands third-party interface capability including the optional GPS Legacy Avionics Support (GLAS) integration with ProLine 21 EFIS systems for SBAS/LPV approaches.

Melbourne, FL – Monday, May 13, 2019 – Avidyne Corporation, a leading provider of integrated avionics systems, displays, and safety systems for general aviation aircraft, announced they have received a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for R10.2.3.1 software for the IFD Series.

Among the new features and product improvements included with R10.2.3.1 is Avidyne’s innovative GPS Legacy Avionics Support (GLAS) option, which allows the IFD Series to interface with existing Pro Line 21 EFIS systems to provide flight director and autopilot coupling of SBAS/LPV approaches, while eliminating the need for more costly OEM display hardware and software upgrades.

“With our popular IFD Series gaining wider adoption throughout the GA market, Avidyne is now actively targeting legacy turbine-class aircraft, starting with the Citation and King Air fleets, where there are a significant numbers of aircraft operators who are looking for more affordable safety and performance enhancements like GPS-based SBAS/LPV approaches, Synthetic Vision, electronic Charts, ADS-B, and wireless connectivity,” said Avidyne CEO Dan Schwinn. “We have worked closely with several key installation partner-dealers to put together a turnkey package that delivers cost-effective, reduced down-time solutions that will dramatically improve their ability to fly in today’s airspace and keep these aircraft flying safely and efficiently for a long time to come.”

“In addition to the GLAS implementation which will help us significantly expand the IFD market, we are also excited about the growing list of other third party interfaces we are adding to the IFD Series with this release,” said John Talmadge, Avidyne’s Director of Worldwide Sales. “We are adding more ADS-B and datalink interface and display capability, plus cool new features like Zoom mode, data blocks on Synthetic Vision, and enhanced Foreflight interface, giving our customers more capability and more value.”
Avidyne has also launched a new version of their iPad IFD Trainer application which includes all the features, with much more flexibility in “flying” the simulated IFD, easier database loading, tutorials, and a host of other improvements. The IFD Trainer App is available now free of charge from the iTunes® App Store.
Enhancements with R10.2.3.1 include:
• Adds GLAS (GPS Legacy Avionics Support) for support of Pro Line 21 in CJ and King Air
• Adds wireless ADS-B Weather and Traffic integration with Fore flight
• Adds support for Lynx NGT-9000 Remote Transponder
• Adds ADS-B textual TFRs, AIRMETS and SIGMETS.
• Adds a new Zoom mode which provides the ability to display large data blocks and button label text
• Adds display of data blocks on the Synthetic Vision (SVS) pages
• Improves display and editing features of Airways SIDS and STARS and approaches
• Adds capability for aircraft with only a fuel flow sensor to utilize IFD fuel related features.
• Improved Wi-Fi configuration to ease integration with Stratus, Foreflight and other Wi-Fi connected devices.
• Additional Helicopter enhancements
• Adds support for Heads-Up Technologies XMD-076A datalink
• Add support for Garmin GDL69A SXM datalink
• Adds support for Garmin G5 HSI
• more
For a complete list of R10.2.3.1 enhancements, check out AvidyneLive at: http://forums.avidyne.com/release-10-2-3-1_topic1688.html

R10.2.3.1 is considered a software minor change and is automatically approved under the current TIP6 EASA/FAA Bilateral Agreement.

For more information on this please visit: www.avidyne.com.