L3 NGT9000

Avidyne is a leading authorized reseller of L3Harris NGT-Series ADS-B products, and now adds L3Harris Standby Instruments and Business Aviation ADS‑B Transponders to their third-party product catalog.


OSHKOSH, WI  – July 26, 2021Avidyne Corporation announced that their authorized reseller relationship with L3Harris Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:LHX) has been expanded to now include the ESI-500 and EFD-750 Standby Instruments, as well as the NXT‑600 Mode S ADS-B Out Transponders, in addition to their current offering for the Lynx® NGT-9000 ADS‑B In/Out transponder and display series.


“L3Harris’ NGT Series transponders are premium ADS-B products that give us very attractive avionics package offerings when bundled with our IFD-Series FMS/ GPS/ NAV/ COMs,” said Avidyne President, Dan Schwinn. “We are excited to extend our relationship with L3Harris with these additional industry-leading products in our portfolio.”


“We have had a tremendous amount of success offering NGT/IFD bundles over the past year or so, and we welcome the opportunity to add these additional products to our catalog,” said John Talmadge, Vice President of Worldwide Sales. “By keeping a modest inventory of these products on hand, we can extend our premium level product offerings, manage lead times, and provide timely delivery for our dealers and customers.”


In addition to the Lynx panel- and remote-mounted ADS-B In/Out transponders, Avidyne now offers the L3Harris ESI-500 Standby Indicator Systems, which are specifically designed for Part 23 (Class I, II and III) airplanes as well as Part 27 helicopters, featuring 3.5-inch synthetic vision display and an AML-STC covering thousands of aircraft and 176 different Type Certificates.


The EFD-750 Electronic Flight Displays are advanced backup instruments designed specifically for turboprop, light jet and helicopter platforms. Compatible with existing digital navigational displays and GPS receivers, the EFD-750 is a configurable solution which provides pilots with a clear, high-resolution PFD-style view of airspeed, altitude, attitude and slip data.


NXT-600 Mode S Transponders, designed for helicopters and business jets, provide both standard and enhanced Mode S surveillance and ADS-B Out compliance, precise real-time fight data information and maximum reliability through built-in testing.

Pricing and Availability

The NGT-9000 Series, ESI-500 Series, EFD-750 Series and NXT-600 Series products are available through designated Avidyne Dealers.  Contact your nearby Avidyne Dealer for pricing and availability.


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