Avidyne SkyTrax200™ provides dual-band ADS-B Traffic and FIS-B Weather for Avidyne Displays; AML-STC provides approval for installation of the SkyTrax200 in over 600 models of certified aircraft.

MELBOURNE, FL. – June 22, 2021Avidyne Corporation, a leading provider of integrated avionics systems, displays, and safety systems for general aviation and business aircraft, announced the receipt of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval for the new SkyTrax200 Dual-Band ADS-B In receiver.


“Avidyne continues to develop ADS-B products for new and existing customers and the SkyTrax200 adds direct reception of 1090MHz targets which provides improved performance in US airspace compared with single-band systems relying on ADS-R, plus it gives aircraft owners around the world the ability to see nearby aircraft broadcasting 1090 ADS-B Out,” said John Talmadge, Avidyne’s Vice President of Worldwide Sales. “The vast majority of ADS-B Out equipped aircraft are using 1090MHz. And with our SkyTrax200 upgrade program, we are making it easy for our existing single-band Avidyne customers to upgrade to SkyTrax200 dual-band capability.”


The Avidyne SkyTrax200 includes dual-band (1090MHz and 978 MHz) ADS-B receivers that provide direct line-of-sight reception of ADS-B Traffic targets for use in airspace in the U.S. and around the globe.  SkyTrax200 is capable of receiving Flight Information System Broadcast (FIS-B) weather via 978MHz in US airspace where the FIS-B is available. The SkyTrax 200 is also capable of receiving the traffic output from an active traffic system such as the Avidyne SkyTrax600, TAS600 series, Ryan 9900BX, or a legacy SkywatchTM system, combining it with the ADS-B traffic directly received over either band and TIS-B traffic received from ATC, and presenting an integrated view of dual band ADS-B, TAS, and ATC radar traffic.


The Avidyne SkyTrax200’s weather and dual-band traffic can be displayed on Avidyne’s IFD-Series GPS/NAV/COMs including Avidyne EX500, EX600 or EX5000 Multi-Function displays (MFD) and Entegra R9 integrated flight deck systems. The SkyTrax200 supports standard Capstone and Arinc 429/735 interfaces and can also be interfaced with a wide variety of standards-based traffic displays. SkyTrax200 has been approved under new ASTM International standards process.


Pricing & Availability

The retail price of the SkyTrax200 is $2,499 and is available now.


Existing Avidyne customers with the single-band Avidyne SkyTrax100B receiver can have their units upgraded to SkyTrax200 dual-band capability. For a limited time, this software upgrade is being made available free of charge. Dealer labor to perform the upgrade is not included.


In addition, Avidyne customers with any other single-band ADS-B In receiver previously purchased through Avidyne can upgrade to the dual-band SkyTrax200 for $1,250 with trade-in of their single-band unit.  Dealer labor is not included.


Contact your Authorized Avidyne Dealer or pilotsupport@avidyne.com for more information.


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